Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Eating your Child

There are 10 fascinating facts about the connection of diet and behavior uncovered in this book. Learn about recurring ear infections, picky eaters, constipation, bumpy skin, poor growth, reflux, moodiness, reduced interest or capacity to learn, behavioral issues, and potentially psychological disorders.  And of these sound like problems with your kids, or maybe kids you care for?  Then you may want to pick up a copy of this book. All of these problems potentially are related to or caused by poor nutrition or a food intolerance/allergy.

As someone who does not have children or currently work with children directly, this isn't necessarily a book I go out and buy, but having read just the beginning of this book, I already find it very informative and can see how it could potentially help me give advice to parents who are struggling or at a loss as to why their son is acting out in class or why their daughter gets itchy after eating dairy products.

If you are a parent with a picky child or one that seems to be consistency ill, then I would suggest this book to you as a good start into your investigation of what might be going on.

* book sent for an unpaid review


Jamie and Preston said...

I am a firm believer in diet have a very serious impact on children. We don't always eat perfect meals, but I can absolutely tell the difference when my kids eat well rounded healthy meals vs. fast food or just plain junk food. The biggest things we have noticed with our boys is eliminating or minimizing mucus producing foods during the fall months to help their tendency toward lung infections and asthma flares. Fueling your body in the right way is the key to being healthy and happy!

Olinda Paul said...

It's so good to hear people are figuring things out about food finally. Kudo's to you Jamie and Preston..your in the "know".