Friday, June 10, 2011

Cashew Cheese

I think it is high praise for someone who can consume regular dairy-containing cheese to say a non dairy cheese is awesome, and that's how I feel about the Cultured Kitchen Cashew Cheese! The Cultured Kitchen is a small, local Sacramento company that is only in a few of the local health food stores. They offer veggie burgers a.k.a. "famous burgers,"raw crackers, minestrone soup, salad dressings, and among things, cashew cheese. She makes a creamy variety and a herb variety (no bell peppers), and my curiosity won.  For $5.50 I bought a container, I think it's 8 oz and had it with some crackers. It's not the type of cheese you can easily put on a sandwich, but it's great as a dipping cheese with crackers, bread, or veggies. It also combines with some shredded cheese: "daiya," to make a quesadilla. I still love a big cube of Gouda or cheddar, but I will be buying another container of this specialty item when I have a hankering.

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