Monday, June 20, 2011

Off the Hook

If I was stuck on an island I would have a lifetime supply of fish to make sushi, and I would be ok with that, because I LOVE sushi. Eating out with Celiac Disease can be tricky but I've learned how to maneuver through the dangerous world of gluten most successfully at sushi restaurants.  On a recent trip to South Lake Tahoe, and a day full of physical activity, we felt we were only deserving of sushi after our long day.  After some quick research we found that Off the Hook was highly recommended.

We ordered the slammin salmon, which is salmon, cilantro, and lemon. Simple, and yet not a combo I've seen many other places- refreshing and delicious. Next up was the superstar, which was salmon, cream cheese, and macadamia nuts.  They seemed to have quite a few items with macadamia nuts, and this was a combo I'd never seen, and was intrigued by, so of course I had to order it.  Man on man, that was tasty. I could have had double the pieces of that one.

We were going to order the mumbo jumbo, but part of the roll is premixed with sauce, (contains wheat) and thus we ordered the funky roll instead. The funky roll has tuna, lemon, salmon, scallions, and cucumber.  We ordered all our sauces on the side so the hubby could have them, and I got the one mayo based, gluten free one- jalapeno aioli, and that was super tasty- not to spicy, just right. The rolls did seem a little smaller than some places, but well priced. Overall, gluten allergy or not, this is just a great place to eat.

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