Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Another Saturday

The folsom annual garage sale has been an event on my calendar for the past few years- a huge 175+ home garage sale- and this year I attended with my husband. A 5am wake up is worth it for all the possible deals and finds. We had our list of "hope to finds" and one of those items was a gliding rocking chair for my best friend who is due in only a couple of days. Mike and I had to fight off some other pregnant women for it, but we managed to fit it into the back of our compact car. And what a steal of a deal!!!

Of course, once the glider was in the car, the 4ft giraffe this Auntie bought as a baby gift had to be wrangled and tied up. 
Plus a few camping chairs, and some board games, we had a full car and an empty stomach, so we stopped at a random sushi place, Aloha Sushi, for lunch. I lucked out with a positive gluten free experience, and enjoyed the orange tree roll I ate, but overall thought the place was over priced.
After lunch we had a few more errands to run, but managed to have some fun in the party store. Mike had been singing "a wonderful day for pie" from an episode of Family Guy, and then, sitting on some boxes was Stewie's head-"Your anguish sustains me."
And all of that was before 2pm. Apparently you can get quite a bit done if you're willing to wake up super early.

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Mom said...

Giraffe head coming out of the trunk just precious