Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Frosting Queens

If you're not a chef, or don't have the time to whip some up, the premade frostings from a local Sacramento company, The Frosting Queens are the way to go. This stuff is better than the creamy butter creme frosting you would make from scratch at home; it's much more like the fancy frosting you'd get from a bakery or on a gourmet cake- creamy chocolate, rich vanilla, and their current seasonal flavor- Luscious Lemon. The chocolate is good, the vanilla is uber sweet, but the lemon, the lemon is sweet, a tad tart, and refreshing. One bag of this would cover a layer cake or a big sheet cake, but is it worth $8 to you? For me It would depend just how much of a hurry I was in. Overall, a fan, however for now all their frostings contain butter, but if they had a dairy free option I think they were have much more of a unique product.

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