Sunday, April 3, 2011

Behind Door Number 2

Have you ever been for a walk and someone has a pile of crap with a "FREE" sign on the curb?  Well last night, during my nightly walk, we discovered an awesome pile!  We picked up everything in the picture....
  • a tool box
  • 2 sets of Christmas cards
  • A tropical cookbook
  • A roll of white contact paper
  • A glass juicer
  • A glass 3 QT pyrex dish
  • 3 Beer glasses from IKEA that match our current set
  • 2 baskets
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • Mini pots to use as stater pots
  • A silver cuff bracelet
  • 2 bracelet display pads
  • PLUS......a mini weber grill hibachi- great for camping!

Thanks people on 23rd and P!

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