Monday, March 28, 2011

Inherently Good? I Don't Think So

I was given a sample of Jovial Cookies to try and the packaging and prospect excited me.  I set a goal of finishing a project before I would eat one, and man was that a let down.  The company offers both gluten free and not gluten free lines, and within those categories pasta and cookies.  Their motto is "inherently good," but oh were they bad.  They have "filled" (creme or fruit) cookies, and I tried one of the vanilla cremes.

It was like putting two super dry, crunchy, thick cookies together, with about a tablespoon of creme filling. It was so hard to crunch into that it all wanted to fall apart.  I tried breaking it in half, and taking a bite of just one side of the cookie with the filling- still bad.  Not quite stall tasting, it just was not a cookie I would ever want to eat. Make the cookies thinner, more manageable, and softer, with much more filling, and then maybe.  However as it stands now, to call this cookie both "inherently good", as well as "filled" it's seriously a let down and on the verge of false advertising.

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Olinda Paul said...

That's too bad, the pictures look pretty good.