Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Grainless Baker Cheese Crackers

Ah cheese-its! They used to be my favorite, indulgent snack.  We'd buy the big box at Costco and I would stick my head in the box and take a big whiff.  It was the only thing I would do that with. My husband really likes to do that too- with everything; sniff and inhale food scents, and it bugs me because he gets so close to the food, but I digress....

Yesterday I was called a cheese whore, by my loving sister. It's true.  And it's because I'm a cheese whore that I have been on the hunt for a satisfactory gluten free replacement for cheese it's.  This time I tried out cheese snack crackers from The Grainless Bakers. They had the right smell, and the right size, almost the right salt level, but not the right consistency. They were a little bit more dense and floury then I was hoping for, but overall, I give them 2 thumbs up.

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