Monday, March 21, 2011

Fresh Gluten Free Ravioli

 I heard rumors within the gluten free community about a gluten free ravioli that made an appearance at Costco. So during a regular trip to Costco I investigated and indeed found them in the refigeterated section. They are GIG certified and made by a California based company, Pasta Prima. They only offer an all cheese gluten free option, so sorry dairy allergic people, but these were amazingly good.  To have a fresh "homestyle" ravioli was amazing! They truly boiled up in 3-4 minutes just as the packaging said, which when a gluten free item says that on the packaging, I just chuckle, because it's not usually try.  I'll let the video tell you the rest, but overall these get the Debbie seal of approval.


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bikermom said...

From Robin at Pasta Prima,
We're really glad you enjoyed our Gluten Free Ravioli so much! Wondering if we can include your written review on our website and link to you (and the video). Have a great day, Robin