Monday, February 28, 2011

Applegate Turkey Bacon

I have a complex history with bacon.  For a couple years when I was a teenager I gave up all pork products, and then I felt that bacon was too fatty or something that it made me sick every time I ate it, but in strips, bacon bits were fine. And it wasn't like I was eating a lot of bacon; maybe a couple strips a month.

Today I fried up some Organic Turkey Bacon from Applegate Farms.  They're much wider slices, and  despite my efforts, it just wouldn't get as crispy as I like my bacon to be.
I mean I like it crispy; firm, brown -black, almost charred. Maybe because I don't want to see any of the fat- whatever.  This bacon did get brown, and crisp in in it's own way. Moving on from the crispy factor, there was absolutely no grease once so ever, which explains how this bacon is only 35 calories a slice.

Overall I like it although for someone who eats "regular- fatty" bacon, it might take a little adjustment time to get used to it.

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