Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Christmas Tree Hunt

A couple of years ago we went to a tree farm up highway 49 and got a decent tree. This year we thought we'd check out a different tree farm to cut down our own tree, only, we ended up at the exact same one. We didn't realize it until we made it to the entrance, so we had a good chuckle. We hunted around for a tree in the rain but didn't find the right tree for us, so we enjoyed a 50 cent cup of pure apple cider, and headed towards home.

Then kind of ironically, we went to the Christmas tree lot a few blocks from our house, and got a much better deal on a tree compared to all the other tree lots and the cut-your-own farm. A nice, full, roughly 6 foot tree for $23. We went to the tent to tell them which one we wanted and they sent out their 10 year old son to unstack it and load it up for us. He whipped that tree around and carried it over for us; it was rather hilarious. Of course it was raining, because well, it's December in Sacramento, so rain and buying a tree seems like tradition.

We bought the tree while big drops pelted us, but the next morning the sun graced us for about a good 2 hours. Where we fall on the naughty or nice list I'm not sure because when Santa wasn't looking we took his sled for a joy ride. I mean if you leave you sled unattended at a park while you try to snag another cookie what else do you expect :-)

On our way out of the park, Mike bumped into his old friend Jack. They went to have a cup of hot chocolate together, but for some reason Jack left rather abruptly. Must have been something Mike said.


Jamie and Preston said...

So jealous that you got a real tree. Not quite possible in our house yet...this year the tree has been pulled over three times so far, and has become the designated 'best hiding spot' when playing hide and go seek. Enjoy the tree smell for me!

oli said...

This was so much fun. I loved smelling all the pine....there isn't much pine in San Diego where I live. We had a great time.

Mom said...

Love the pic of the two of you in the sleigh