Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seasoning Packets

I have come to accept that not everyone is as creative or exploratory as I am in the kitchen, so I would like to open everyone's eyes to the versatility of seasoning packets. I know there are other gluten free brands out there, but two I've been using lately are Cali Fine Foods and Mayacamas.
Cali Fine Foods packets are produced in a dedicated gluten free facility, and come in 5 flavors. The Garlic Gusto makes a fabulous dip, and the herb medley is nice blended with olive oil and used as a light pizza sauce. They also have a sweet 'n spicy bbq mix that is a great taco seasoning substitute, but I was feeling lazy one night ans used it a seasoning for a pot of chili.

Mayacamas is not a dedicated gluten free company, but they do test their gluten free products. offers both what they call skillet toss mixes, and pasta sauce mixes. I find the skillet tosses to be a little bit more versatile, and love the green olive pesto as a pesto sauce for a veggie pizza. The dried tomato is great mixed with cream cheese and put on a bagel, and the spicy one is awesome mixed in as a marinade with ketchup or bbq sauce. At less than $2 a packet, any of either brand really are a great addition to have on hand in the kitchen cupboard.

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