Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ocean Escape

Do others sometimes feel like they need to get out of town; that it doesn't matter to where, but they need a brief escape? Well a friend and I decided that we needed to get away before the crazy retail holiday season gets in full swing. I had recently been to Monterey, but in my opinion, any town on the ocean can't be visited too often. We did more walking around and browsing than I had before, so it was a very casual, relaxing, and fun trip. It's kind of become tradition for anyone who I go with to the aquarium to take picture in the big clam. We had to fight some kids for the clam, but considering it was home school student day at the aquarium, and we were asked if we were homeschoolers twice, we figured why not behave like a bunch of big kids.

Neither one of us really planned to be dressed in aquarium attire, but Jaclyn's anchors and my typical blue combo blended well.

We had lots of laughs thanks to Woodchuck Cider, a server named Clif, and our inner children. Now back to the work grind.

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