Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheese and Bread

For some reason April has been deemed as National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day, but in my opinion, October or November would be much more appropriate. Cool weather, and paired with tomato soup, grilled cheese is such a perfect winter food. Right now I have found myself, my counter, and my fridge to be overloaded with gluten free bread, and thus sandwiches of all kinds are currently an almost every day occurrence. Before this past week, I probably hadn't had a sandwich in months. Sandwiches are just not a big part of my life; salads are a different story, and really being gluten free has nothing to do with that. But I digress....

Now what kind of sandwich am I hooked to then, well grilled cheese, obviously. I love cheese, and grilled cheese doesn't just have to be butter, cheese, and bread. I ate a grilled cheese with pesto on Saturday and on Sunday I had a grilled cheese with 4 types of cheese on it, sliced tomato, and fresh herbs (picture above). That was one of the most amazing sandwiches I have ever had. Next up, I think grilled ham and cheese sandwich is up next. And then, with apples in season, maybe grilled apple and cheese.

What kind of grilled cheese sandwich do you like?

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oli said...

How do you do the pesto one? it sounds great!