Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fudge is my Life

What an awesome company name: Fudge is my Life. This is chocolate sauce re innovated; chocolate sauce on steroids. Thick and creamy, spreadable, and perfect to lick straight off a spoon. It does contain dairy, and it isn't tested for it's gluten free status, but it is made locally- San Francisco, and all the ingredients are sourced to be gluten free.

Fudge is my Life offers 5 fabulous flavors flavors: Dark Chocolate, Mint, and Mocha. Those all sound like a typical chocolate sauce flavor you'd find from those $2.99 ice cream topping options that contain corn syrup, and fake flavor, but these guys offer a much more all natural ingredient list: Cream, Brown Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Butter, Honey and Salt.

They also offer 2 more specialized flavors: ginger chocolate and orange chocolate- WOW. Everyone at my work loves ginger, so of course this is a hit, and then the orange, well, have you ever had a chocolate orange that you would find at the drugstore during the holidays? Amazing! And for all of you who need inspiration, not only can you heat this up in the microwave and use it as an ice cream topping, you can also use it to drizzle over brownies or cake straight, use it to make frosting, or combine it with milk and make hot chocolate or milkshakes.

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