Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flippin Pizza

A pizza-by-the-slice joint that offers gluten free pizza? Well if you're in Southern California, Flippin Pizza deserves a stop. Now, if the gluten free pizza was premade and by-the-slice too, that would be even more awesome, but instead you do have to purchase the entire pizza. Now gluten free pizza tends to range from $16-$27 dollars, but at Flippin Pizza, you can get a 9 inch pizza for the low, low cost of $9.00, plus $1 per additionally topping.

That all sounded good to me, so fifteen minutes later I had fresh, hot gluten free pizza on the table. For a new york style pizza place they picked the right gluten free thin crust. And for once, a super thin crust that didn't flop under the pressure. I hadn't met a pizza crust, even Udi's, that doesn't droop when fully loaded. It was a little sketchy as to which bakery/vendor was responsible for the crust, but it was phenomenal! I wish it had been more like a 12 slice pizza instead of 4, or that I wouldn't have to wait another 15 minutes for another one to bake, so I could take one with me.

One tip: Just make sure to call the location you're planning on visiting to confirm they have gluten free crust in stock.

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