Friday, October 29, 2010

Arnel Bread Mix

A couple months ago I attended a sampling featuring Arnel's bread, and the bread was really good, so I bought a package of the bread mix to give it a go myself. I'm sure we've all experienced a baking conundrum, where we're eaten a product from a mix, that was made by someone else, and love it, but when we go to make the exact same product ourselves it doesn't turn out. Well that's what happened with Arnel's. The premade bread I tasted was good, but when I went to make it....

The bread was easy to make, and it rose well, but after I had cooked it for 10 minutes longer than it said, my bread was still not cooked through. So I turned down the temperature by 15 degrees and let it keep cooking. An hour later I decided to give up. The bread jut wouldn't cook. It was still super doughy and raw in the center. The moral of the store is sometimes baking sucks.

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