Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crab Cake Experiment = Success

I can't say I've ever made a crab cake before this week. I've eaten them before but had not personally made them, and my husband swore up and down he greatly disliked crab cakes, but I think we proved him wrong after this meal. A new line of spice rubs came across my desk at work and so it was my responsibility to try it out and see if it was an good. The Tom Douglas Rub with Love offers versus rub blends, but the one that excited me the most was the crab cake blend.

All I did was follow the recipe on the rub mix, but you just never know if it will turn out.

I had previously divided the rub with a co-worker, so the jar on top of the crab is the rub mix. Essentially you'll need gluten free bread crumbs of some kind (roughly $5), crab (canned $5-$7)- the real stuff, fake crab all has wheat as filler in it, and of course the crab cake blend, plus an egg, some mayo, and some hot sauce if you want it. Sound simple so far?

So I combined everything up in a bowl, and with one can of crab it makes exactly enough for 2 perfect crab cakes- making it a great couples meal. Pop them in the fridge or freezer to firm them up, and then dredge them in mote crumbs, and cook them up in butter in a frying pan.

Serve with a wedge of lemon and whatever else you choose. We went with sauteed spinach- delicious! I liked that the size of the dish was predetermined so I didn't feel like I ate too much or too little. They were a little on the spicy side but you can control that by cutting back on the rub blend. And my husband, well, said they were an 8 out 10 in terms of taste and desire to eat them again. Guess that means he doesn't hate crab cakes after all. I can certainly see these as a great holiday addition.

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