Friday, August 6, 2010

King Author Gluten Free Brownies

King Author Flour has been around for quite some time, in fact they were around back in the 1800's, but they are new to the gluten free industry, so do their new mixes cut it? Well, they have 8 gluten free mixes, and the company kindly sent me out some to try. They have a flour blend, pancakes, pizza crust, and the one I have tried thus far...a brownie mix.

I can make some awesome brownies from scratch, so in order for me to actually purchase a boxed brownie mix it needs to be Fantastic!- does this one make the grade? Well, if I didn't have any flour, or cocoa in the house to make brownies from scratch (this hardly ever happens)- yes I would buy this mix. Was it the best brownie mix I have ever had- no; does my husband who isn't gluten free really like these- yes.

These were super easy to make, they bake up well, and they do crisp up on the top just like the picture on the box, which it is a rarity for the imagine on a box to actually match the end result you actually get. This product is free of all the eight most common allergies, however a downfall of the product that others might be knit-picky about- the first ingredient is sugar, and as usual, it contains cornstarch. Knowing someone with a corn allergy, and me personally being concerned about limiting my corn intake, that knocks my opinion down just a smidge. Overall, this brownie mix gets 2 thumbs up. Now I just wish I had their pizza crust mix.

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oli said...

Why does everything yummy have corn in it. I guess that is what "crisps" the top of the product. Nuts.