Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Time Tanning Tips

As it is summer time I feel it is very important for me to share with you a "fun" beach experience I had last week. As someone with limited mobility I find spray sunscreen to be the best option for me, but DO NOT buy coppertone sport spray! I normally use banana boat, but this was on sale, so I tried it. This stuff leaves a super sticky residue on your skin that never dries, even though it claims to be fast drying. I waited for about 5 minutes and gave in. I laid on my beach towel and when I went to get up I had bits of towel stuck to my arms and back, and in one spot I ever absorbed the dye from the towel and was partially purple on my arm. Plus when I went to reapply, with lotion, several hours later, this sticky crap started peeling off. I pitched it as soon as we left the beach.
I did however learn that if you want an awesome tan fast, use apricot oil. If you burn easy, or really pale like me, still use sunscreen to protect yourselves, but once that dries, add a coat of apricot oil. A little goes a long way, but it tans you up nicely.

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oli said...

Apricot oil is my best way to tan. Just a thin coat, and a little time in the sun and I have tan legs.After about 20 minutes, I also like to put a little coconut oil over the top..very thin layer.