Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GNI Bakery

So while I spent the week in the San Diego area, I felt the urge, and some obligation to my readers, to check out some new gluten free options in the area. In Escondido, CA you will find GNI Bakery, otherwise known as Gluten Not Included. The trip to this bakery was anticlimactic. My mother-in-law had previously been there, and had described a long display counter with an amply amount of comfortable seating. It was what you might expect from a bakery/cafe. The outside of the windows are decorated nicely, but the inside is dark, and the retail space is tiny. The counter is pushed up close to the door, with a small selection of fresh baked goodies and no seating. The rest of the place has been rearranged for mass production for their wholesale accounts. So the trip to the actual bakery was disappointing, but was their product decent?

We bought a large brownie for $2.50, some cheese focaccia for $6.99, and a set of 3 pizza rounds for $7.99. The brownie was super soft and fudgy, but it was missing something and the focaccia was just ok. The pizza crusts were super thin, but seasoned well. Be careful not to burn the edges, as their directions were to bake at 460 degrees, which seemed extremely high for an already baked thin crust. We did ours at 400 degrees for about 7 minutes and it came out great. If you love thin crust this is a really good option and I would consider buying these again. GNI Bakery has their products sold at multiple San Diego health food stores, as well as some area attractions, like Legoland, and Sea World, so next time you're out, see if you can find their cookies or breads at the store.
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Anonymous said...

Next time you are in Escondido, try "La Farfalla Cafe" on Orange between 2nd and Grand. Lunch only during the week and Friday night dinners. Food is mostly GF and fabulous! All the desserts are also Gluten Free.

Anonymous said...

I live in Escondido and GNI has Exploded beyond her expectations. I like he multigrain bread. I make my own sweets but the Carrot cake at LF cafe is beyond great. John

Debbie said...

I am always glad to see more and more gluten free bakeries on the market. Perhaps I am spoiled with some of the great bakeries we have in the San Francisco area and beyond, but for me her products were decent but were not memorable.

I just learned of La Farfalla Cafe and have put it on my list next time I am in that area.

Lindy Pine said...

Hi Debbie, I have a great new GF company in Temecula, CA - "So Good Gluten Free Foods". Everything I make is delicious! I sell my products in a Temecula store called Delaney's and my website will be up soon. G-free Foodie rated my brownies (which are also dairy free) as being the best pre-made brownie! If you'd like to try any of my products for review please do contact me either through Facebook (I have a business page there too) or email me at lindypine@yahoo.com. Or next time you are through this way let me know and I'll bake some items for you!

CrazyAboutDeals.COM said...

I love GNI's brownies and chocolate chip cookies. They're very tasty