Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breakfast Pizza

Pizza is awesome, even for breakfast! We wanted to hit the beach early, so we figured we'd bring breakfast with us. Pancakes and scrambled eggs on there own would be rather difficult, but pizza is a hand held meal, so it seemed like the obvious decision. That and I brought some awesome fake cheese- Daiya, with me, for my dairy free family members, and they were in love with it-used it somehow on every meal we had it seemed. We did some scrambled eggs, chives, and fresh herbs, veggies, and cheese. We were out of potatoes or we would have done hash browns too. Try it- it wasn't half bad.

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oli said...

I loved the breakfast pizza.Different, and tasty and there are so many ways to use it. Also, it stayed with me a long time. I wasn't hungry like I am after a traditional breakfast fare. I felt satisfied.

I have had breakfast pizza again and it will become a regular thing at my house.Try it with sausage.