Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ginger is an all around awesome herb. It's great for colds, arthritis pains, indigestion, upset stomachs, and more. I used to chew crystallized ginger pieces twice a day as a natural remedy for my arthritis, and now I seem to just naturally have ginger in my diet more often. In fact at the moment I seem to be on a ginger kick. Maybe my body is craving it, because it needs it-who knows.

I have had many a Dagoba bar, but until recently I had not tried the lemon ginger chocolate bar, but now I am glad I bought it. A nice, smooth chocolate, with a hint of lemon, and tiny bits of ginger-delicious. I also was intrigued by the Lemon Ginger Tulsi Tea. I bought it to make it into an iced tea, and I've had it both hot and cold, and enjoyed it both ways, but as a sipping beverage, not as a giant glass to quench my thirst- for that the ginger is a little to strong for that for me. With a little added honey, this is a nice soothing tea, with the spice of ginger on the back end. I did however notice that the longer the tea sat, the stronger the ginger flavor became. I think this is going to be a nice non-typical iced tea for the summer.

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