Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Cupcake Mix

Recently I was sent Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Cupcake Mix courtesy of Mambo Sprouts, and I'm sorry to say it was disappointing. The cupcake mix comes with cupcake liners, birthday themed, which is cool, and a recipe for frosting on the back. Now if it was an all inclusive mix: cake mix, frosting mix, and liners, that is a great marketing idea, but the product itself still needs some work.

I found the cake to be bland, dry, and missing something; my husband thought it could have been slightly sweeter. The cupcakes dried out without a day of sitting on the counter in a sealed container, and I ended up throwing most of them away. The other thing that kind of bugged me about this product is that it contains milk, but the frosting recipe on the back of the box named a dairy free chocolate chip by name. Why would you offer a dairy-containing mix, and then suggest using dairy-free chocolate chips to make frosting to put on the top? Did they forget their mix wasn't dairy free? I think Arrowhead Mills has some work to do on this one.

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oli said...

Your right what a great marketing plan. But if the goodies aren't good...why bother. It's great to have everything there in the package too so you don't have to hunt for everything.

Milk is a very high allergen and I am surprised they did this as well. Well, this is the first go around, I know they will try to improve on this when they find it will go sour on them.

Great idea but yes, needs improvement in a big way.