Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vegas: Il Fornaio at New York New York

I had contacted the Il Fornaio location in Sacramento a while back to see if they have any gluten free options, and in fact still receive their mailings even though I've been asked to be taking off the list several times- kind of annoying but that's the marketing department not the people behind the food, right? lol.

I wasn't feeling very brave for this meal, my 1st meal in Vegas, but Il Fornaio was very conveniently located near our tower inside the New York New York, so we decided why not, and I stuck with salad. I confirmed they could prepare it gluten free for me, and their house dressing was made on site, a simple emulsion, no wheat, no gluten. I had the spinach salad and added some plain grilled chicken to it. Overall I would say the food was just ok. I mean sure it was salad, but sometimes salads can be really good. They didn't give me enough dressing, they put some on and that was it, so I couldn't take any leftovers with me because the lettuce would be all soggy, and all the pieces were way to jumbo. Even after cutting my onion and tomato pieces down they were still above average in size for a salad. My husband's pasta dish, which was not gluten free, was good, I'm told, but service kind of sucked, so the meal overall wasn't very pleasant for either of us.

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