Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pinkberry has Arrived!

A couple years ago I was passing through Hollywood with my husband, and decided to snag some Chiptole for dinner. On the same block was a yogurt shop that we thought we'd pop in for dessert. It had a very modern, sleek feel about it, and the frozen yogurt blew us away. Well now they're here- in Sacramento: Pinkberry!
Of course I wanted to confirm with the company that their yogurt is gluten free, and received a positive response, which you can read below. So we went to the new location, several in the greater Sacramento area now, and I had mango yogurt with fruity bears on top. The mini cup is the perfect size. My husband opted for a small original yogurt with fruits and coconut shreds. We were both very satisfied with our selections.
"Pinkberry's yogurt is made with REAL nonfat yogurt, among many other natural ingredients, that gives it a refreshing, tangy taste. Pinkberry is fat free, gluten free and does not contain any pork or animal products, and all of our dairy products are pasteurized and rBST free.
Besides our fruit toppings, we have a few gluten-free toppings in the dry section:
· Craisins
· Organic Fruity Bears- (these are Surf Sweet Fruit Bears!-Yum)
· Almonds
· Macaroons
· Mixed Nuts

We work tirelessly to find the highest quality ingredients and provide you with best-tasting, real nonfat frozen yogurt so that you will never have to question “the truth” once you have your first bite of Pinkberry. Every store has a “Pinkberry Product Book” that should be available at your request to review the exact ingredients and nutritional information for every items sold in our store, please feel free to review it during your next visit."

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