Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hempz Body Care

About two year ago when I confirmed that my favorite body butter was gluten free I was so relieved. Now I confess I have not reconfirmed the companies gluten free status recently, but my skin hasn't alarmed me of any changes in their formula. Which body butter do I use, you ask? Hempz Body Butter. I've tried various lotions on the market, but I always come back to my beloved Hempz Body Butter. I would consider the product average in price. It's not the cheap stuff you'd find at the drug store and it's not a high end line. It's about $16 for an 8 OZ container, which lastly me about a month, when I lotion regularly. This is one of the few products that keeps my skin moist, and for longer than the first hour after application, and it kills any urges I might have to scratch.

Then recently, with the change in the weather, I wanted to wear shorts, but I am white as can-be, and it's usually a 2 month process of me building up a tan before I'm actually comfortable wearing shorts in public. I wanted a product that would help decrease my time line, or negate it all together. The Hempz Touch of Summer product does give you a nice, almost immediate glow, not a glittery-fake look, and it doesn't come off with water, per say, but it does come off if you wipe your skin down while wet (after a shower), so I learned to air dry. Also, it doesn't really streak like other true "self-tanners" usually do. Overall, I love the Hempz lotions.

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