Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gluten Free Care Package

May is one of the months that Celiac Awareness is promoted, and in honor of that the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness teamed up with Mambo Sprouts to help spread the word and awareness about celiac disease. I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive their gluten free care package. I love Puffins, and Crunchmaster crackers are pretty much a stable in the house, but the rest of the goodies were items I had seen on the shelf but never tried.

I started out by making up the chocolate chip cookies, and they were tasty, although a little flat. Then I moved on to the brownie mix, and they were slightly crunchy around the edges, but soft, and somewhat fudgy in the center. I added in nuts, and frosted them too, which made them even more delicious! I normally make brownies from scratch, but if I were in a pinch I would certainly buy the Gluten Free Pantry brownie mix.

A few days later I went to grab a Glutino breakfast bar, and to my surprise, saw that my husband had already tried them. They make these bars in blueberry, apple, cranberry, cherry, and I guess there newest flavor is strawberry! I had tired the apple breakfast bars when I first went gluten free, and they were ok, but they did not come an item I regularly bought. Now I had the opportunity to try them again, and even though they are a different flavor I still feel the same way: not enough fruit filling.

On to a sweet and salty snack: Glutino chocolate covered pretzels! As soon as I heard these were coming out I knew I was going to like them. The calorie count is high, and you really could eat the whole 5.5 oz bag in one sitting, say during a movie, so be careful, because 9 pretzels have 160 calories. By far my favorite item in the care package.

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oli said...

Your right, I have tried GF Pantry and there is something missing in the taste. I tried them 2 times and I am not thrilled with them but in a pinch I would make them for the kids.

I can't put my finger on what it is though that is missing. Even the brownies didn't come off brownie enough.I was disappointed but I know that they will improve it eventually, because that is the type of company they are.