Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Olive Garden Rations out their Produce

The Olive Garden has a gluten free menu, but my personal opinion is don't bother. I went with a group last weekend and the food was just ok, and way over priced. Salmon and broccoli for almost $20- really? The kicker for me was the salad. Now as a gluten free individual I eat a lot of salad, at home, or when I'm out, mainly because it seems like a safe bet. If you're going to order salad at the Olive Garden I can tell you 2 things- if you're going with a group don't order anything, and you can share the family style salad for free, and secondly do not order the salad as an entree. You get screwed out of produce and out of money.

I will not be going back to the Olive Garden, nor advocating that others should. If this had not been a business lunch, there would have been a much bigger stink made while at the restaurant, and I would not have paid for my meal, but instead I am spreading the word to all my blog readers after the fact.

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