Friday, April 9, 2010

Edwards & Sons Coconut Water

So if you follow my blog regularly you'll notice of the last several months I've been on a coconut water kick and have been trying out all the possible brands I come across. My latest experience was with Edward & Sons Organic Coconut Water. This is the first coconut water I've had that is in a can and not a glass bottle or aseptic container.

This product is thin like water, with a small bit of a creaminess to it, but not too much. It costs $2, which is right in line with all the other brands. Now I personally like it to be as close to water as possible. However, like Zico, there's something in the flavor that seems off or missing something. It could just be my taste buds, and yes coconut water can be considered an acquired taste, but so far the only one I've had that I actually like is Taste Nirvana coconut water and coconut aloe. However out of all the various brands, this would be my second favorite.

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