Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you Talk in your Sleep?

When I need a good laugh or a small smile, I head on over to one of the few non-food related blogs that I follow: Sleep Talkin' Man. If you've ever dated anyone who talks in their sleep I'm pretty sure you'll find this particular blog quite fascinating. The author of Sleep Talkin' Man has become somewhat of a celebratory in the UK for publicizing what her husband says in his sleep.

When I first started reading the blog I thought, yeah right, she must be making it up, but then she started doing some audio clips, which sold it for me a little bit more, and then I saw a video about the couple on youtube. That sealed the deal for me- it's the real deal.

And recently I noticed they added merchandise, and I've been debating which one I was going to buy, and finally I've made a decision. Some of the saying you can get printed on t-shirts, aprons etc., include:

"Awesomeness now has a name. Let me introduce myself"

"It's cake o'clock! All day long."

And the winning saying, the one I'm getting on a t-shirt is...
"I can't control the kittens. Too many whiskers!" - (You've got to listen to audio. It's the second from the bottom once you click the link.)

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