Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yogi Raw Fruit & Nut Bars

Between my podcast and my job I am supplied with a lot of gluten free food samples, and most recently I was handed a sample from Wai Lana, a company that is all about yoga and health. They sell yoga mats, yoga dvd's, and in the food department, yogi chips and yogi bars. My co-worker tried the yogi-chips and said they were quite tasty, and I tried out the Tropical Macadamia Yogi bar. I am so happy to see more and more gluten free snack bars on the market, and this one has characteristics of several, but not a copy cat of any single one. All the flavors have a base of dates that the flavor profile is built in.

Additionally each 2 OZ package contains 2, 1 oz bars. That I really liked because I could easily eat 1 now and 1 later, each about 100 calories, versus saying you're only going to eat half a bar now and half later, but you know you always end up eating more than half, if not the whole bar. The texture of the bar is nice and soft; softer than a larabar, (I use that as a comparison because most have tried one), and mostly smooth except for bits of nuts. They cost around $3, which is a little high for me, however it did hold me over for slightly longer than other options, which is a really good thing. With only natural occurring sugars, this bar satisfied both my sweet and my sustainable requirements.

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