Monday, March 22, 2010

Thai Kitchen's Remodeled Noodle Cart

Over the weekend I tried out the newly remodeled Thai Kitchen meal: The Sweet Citrus Ginger Noodle Cart. The name of this product is deceiving, as my husband I both concurred it was really spicy, and thus should be called Spicy Citrus Ginger instead. In fact, it was so spicy my tongue was on fire, and it actually upset my stomach a little, and normally spice and I don't disagree.

Besides for the spice issue, these new style meals have lots of noodles, but without any added protein it's not completely satisfying. I threw in some chicken and that made the meal more complete, but alas it was so spicy I couldn't finish it even though I wanted to. I didn't feel like there was an overwhelming amount of sauce, and thus by cutting back I could cut back the heat; I actually thought it was accompanied by just the right amount of sauce.

In the end, with wide rice noodles, and 460 calories without any added protein, I'd almost rather stick with my tofu miracle noodles. Not as convenient as you have to provide your own sauce, but those noodles are only 40 calories.


oli said...

I have used the individual packages. but haven't tried this one. I like the others. It's great for work but I agree it needs chicken. I usually bring my own chicken and add it after I stir it around and then finish in the microwave. It's just OK and doable for a light lunch. You will be hungry for dinner. Everyone comes sniffing around to see what you are eating though.

Kendra said...

I had that same noodle cart for lunch on Thursday and I thought it was great! It wasn't too spicy for me at all. Great flavor. The noodle texture was a little surprising - they seemed too fresh to be shelf stable! But I would definitely buy them again.