Friday, March 5, 2010

Stop Looking Tired: Uee Smashbox

As a female, I'm a rarity, as I generally do not wear make up. Getting married and having my make up done was pretty much a shocking experience for me. As a result of that I now have a make up bag, but hardly use any of it. The one thing I really do need help with, depending on how much sleep I've gotten, are the circles under my eyes. My veins are super close to the surface, so whether or not I'm rested, the circles are just with me, but I can end up looking like I was hit in the face if I'm really tired.

I had one of those mornings a couple of weeks ago, and was so glad that I had the Smashbox Photo OP under eye brighter, which my sister bought me for Christmas. It's actually listed as one of their top sellers, and I completely understand why. I've tried other basic concealers, but they never helped. This produce is amazing, and am so glad it is gluten free! Just one little stroke under each eye, rub it in, add a little basic powder over the top and you'll look as good as new. The small tube sells for $18, but if you have the same kind of problem, it is worth every penny.

A majority of the Smashbox cosmetic lines is gluten free, but be cautious, as the following items DO CONTAIN GLUTEN (Last confirmed Sept 2009) :

Bionic Mascara
Layer Lash Primer
Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder
Halo Eye Shadow
Doubletake Lip Color
Lip Treatment and Tinted Lip Treatment
Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss

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