Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cats make me Laugh

Ok I needed a laugh. I love Maru..the cat. When the cat flings herself (I think Maru is a girl) into the diet box all I can think of is when you're shopping and you think something will fit, you get into the dressing room and you try and try to get the item on; sometimes you're successfully, and sometimes you're not. In either case, you now have to struggle to get it off. OR you're cleaning out your closest, and you're trying to put on those infamous "skinny pants."

In Maru's case, she breaks the box open, which is similar to stretching a seam to get the article of clothing off- we all know this happens, lol.


oli said...

yeh, I had a girdle like that once, It took me 15 minutes to get it off. I had to rest in between movements. Didn't help the "look" either.

What amazes me is that even with the paper girdle on she still wanted to get her head stuck in the next one. Maybe it was the kitty Olympics.

Jamie and Preston said...

Ethan was laughing so hard watching this! Too cute!

Diana said...

I saw this a while back. Maru has a bunch of other videos too. He's a non folded Scottish fold. Mom and I looked into as a possible next breed since he is sooo cute.