Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fruit Infused Chocolate

A little over a month ago I discovered The salty dog bar from B.T. McElrath, a chocolatier based out of Minnesota. I enjoyed the Salty Dog so much, that I wanted to try out another flavor option from this company, especially since after speaking to the company on the phone, I was reassured that all their bars are gluten free.

This time I tried the Passion Fruit and Tangerine Bar, which is a swirly blend of white and dark chocolate infused with fruity goodness. These bars are not meant to be quickly eaten, but rather savored, slowly chewed, and swirled in your mouth. If you chew this like regular chocolate you'll probably not notice the fruity hint. The fruit flavor is very very mild and is most noticeable on the back end. And there's something about this brand of chocolate: I don't feel the erge to eat the whole bar like I do with lower end chocolate. Overall, I'd give this bar a 6 out of 10 for my overall enjoyment; didn't love it as much as the Salty Dog, but still very pleasurable.

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