Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bubba Gump has a Gluten Free Menu

This post makes me chuckle a little, because a long time ago, and I mean years and years ago, I went to Bubba Gumps and remember getting horribly sick. It was the worst weekend ever! Then just a couple years ago I hoped Bubba Gump had changed its ways while I was on vacation, and called to find out if they had any gluten free options, and still, no luck.

And now, in 2010, they have a gluten free menu. I am told that it varies slightly by location, but have posted the menu for the location in San Francisco to give you an idea of what they are offering. Note, there is not anything fried on the menu, which makes me sad as they kind of are known for all their deep fried seafood. If only they had just 1 dedicated fryer, but one step at a time.


Katie Fries said...

I avoided Bubba Gump's for years not because of the gluten issue, but because of the shellfish issue (I am allergic). On a recent family trip to Monterey we decided to look at a Bubba Gump's menu. And although I wasn't hopeful (so often I find that the gluten-free options at restaurants involve shellfish) the g-f menu was a pleasant surprise! My youngest son and I both have celiac--he ended up having the kids' grilled chicken (we were so happy to see a child's meal on the menu) and I had the tossed chicken cobb. My meal was delicious and the chain has won me over with their sensitivity to gluten-free diners.

Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

I would love to try Bubba Gump's one day! Thanks for the info!