Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sister of the Boomi Bar: PranaBars

Divine Foods located in southern California, offers two different gluten free snack bars: Boomi Bars, which are a gluten free energy bar full of nuts and dried fruits, (which I have been a big fan of for sometime now), and the PranaBar, with is a 75% raw, and vegan, somewhat similar to a Larabar, but softer. There are only a couple flavors of Larabars I like, but generally I only eat them when I need something of substance and don't really care about the taste.

PranaBars however are different. They're soft and tasty, and come in some exciting flavors like apricot goji, pear ginseng, and coconut acai. I happily will pick one of these out of my snack bar bin that I have in my pantry and have one for breakfast. In fact I much rather have a snack bar like this for breakfast over any traditional breakfast items. And paired with a hemp shake or smoothie in the morning, I'll be good until mid afternoon. Now maybe it won't last as long for you, but my point is these bars are pretty much a meal replacement and will provide you lasting energy. Both bars offered by Divine Foods cost about $2 a bar and are pretty readily available.

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