Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doodles Sugar Cookie Mix

A while back I was sent a set of cookie mixes from Doodles Cookies., and reviewed some of their other mixes via video review. The chocolate chip and nut butter mixes were both excellent, but how did the sugar cookies fare? I had been saving my mix for Valentine's Day, and now that the holiday has come and gone, I can tell you that they were good. Not fabulous, but still good.

On the box it said nothing about rolling the dough out like you normally do with sugar cookie dough, but instead just suggested making small balls and putting them on a cookie sheet. I can understand why, as the dough was super sticky and hard to work with. However, with some care I managed to roll out the dough and cut out my hearts. I baked them for about 10 minutes, and let them cool before I frosted them. They were not what I was used to in a sugar cookie, which is a sweet and super soft cookie. These cookies were more of a dense, hearty cookie, perhaps because of the base of brown rice flour. Now this isn't a bad thing, especially because brown rice is better than white, and the same goes for flours, it just isn't what I am used to. Would I make these again- yes; will they become a staple for me- probably not, but mostly because I like to cookie from scratch anyway.

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