Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not a Pretty Cake

For our anniversary my adorable husband decided he wanted to make me this awesome cake on the cover of this month's edition of Living Without Magazine. A 2 layer mocha chocolate cake, with mocha flavored frosting, and raspberries on top: Yum in theory.

He had a few issues with the flour blending in this recipe, somewhat my fault, and somewhat not (flours not properly labeled), and the frosting pretty much tasted like shortening and nothing else. The kicker was that we found that 1/12 of the cake, so a regular slice of cake, had 880 calories a slice! Holy Cow! If I had realized that beforehand, I probably would have persuaded him to make something else.

Then we cut a slice and took a bit. It looked nice, but it tasted like.....crap. :-(
So he decided to take his frustrating of wasting 4 hours in the kitchen out on the cake. This is him threatening to do it.
This is me saying OMG, don't get crumbs everywhere. Do it in the sink.

And atlas, Mike playing with his food.

So looks like he still owes me something sweet.


oli said...

Well, crap, sometimes things just don't work out. Nice try though and a very funny story to remember when you are old. Mike is usually such a great baker!
Maybe try it again with a different frosting and leave out the CLAY. It really looked pretty.

Tiffany said...

It definitely LOOKED tasty! I've been there though ... I usually walk away with tears in my eyes, your way of dealing with it looks way more fun!