Thursday, February 11, 2010

Goodie Good Stuff

I don't know too much about this company except that they're from the UK and they make gummi candy that is free from one of the longest list of allergens I've seen. These treats traveled a long way to get to us, donated by the company, for Mike and I to try. Similar to Surf Sweets in some ways, and not so much in other ways, check out Mike and my late night review of Goodie Good Stuff:


Jay said...

Hi Debbie and Paul

This product is now available for sale, and it turns that 4 lines in the range contain yellow beeswax and are NOT Vegan. The poor marketing by these people means that I as a Vegan have eaten their sample, which was not Vegan.

Goody Good said...

Hey From Goody Good Stuff,
In reply to the comment posted on June 1st, this is a brand new product which we only just launched at the beginning of June, we apologies for any misunderstanding about our product range, there are 4 varieties that are vegan and vegetarian and the other 4 are just vegetarian. All of the ingredients information is available for people to see on our website
Since this issue had come into our hands we have amended our marketing material, and are now updating the new material so that there is less confusion in the future.
If anybody has any queries regarding Goody Good Stuff, please feel free to email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.