Friday, February 12, 2010

Gluten Free Egg Noodles

When I was a kid my mom make a pasta dish with egg noodles and cottage cheese, and I hadn't been able to closely replicate it until now. Around Christmas time I found gluten free egg noodles sitting on the shelf, and surprise, they aren't made of, or contain any eggs; they're corn based. Do they behave like egg noodles and taste like egg noodles? I want to say yes. The pasta does cook down quite a bit, so I used the whole bag for two people, but there were left overs. I also noticed this pasta needed a really good rinse after cooking to remove a slick residue, but I enjoyed the taste and texture.

After a little trial with the pasta I picked up another bag, and made a simple and tasty pasta dish. Cottage cheese, when heated acts and melts similarly to ricotta, but it's a lot cheaper. I sauteed some spinach, added the cottage cheese, some salt, pepper, and garlic, and whala.

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