Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bavaria Mills Pizza & more!

It's becoming easier and easier to eat gluten free, with more and more options hitting the shelves each week, but what if you have multiple food allergies? I came across a company that offers gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, and sometimes, by special request, egg free products. Bavaria Mills, out of Washington, is a completely wholesale company, offering their products to pizza joints and what not in their area, and slightly beyond. To my knowledge, my local store is currently an exclusive seller of their products. They do premade pie-crusts- (awesome!), pizza crusts in multiple sizes, breads, croutons, and beyond. Fat Mike's in Elk Grove, CA is currently using this pizza crust for their gluten free offerings, and now I can make the crust at home, without the worry of cross contamination. I suggest you try to get your favorite, local pizza place to carry this gluten free option.
So as soon as I saw that the product was added to the shelf I picked up the 2 pack of 8" pizza crusts, for just under $6. Their pizza crusts are parbaked, meaning it's not fully cooked when you get it. I have been in love with Udi's pizza crust for awhile and now I'm tied in my love with this brand. Udi's is more of a flat bread style and Bavaria Mills is thicker, and more light and fluffy. There are currently no baking instructions on the packaging, however after making both pizza crusts I can tell you it works well to bake the crust at 375 degrees for 7 minutes, then add your sauce and toppings, and bake it for 10 more minutes.

Truly delicious!


Lisa said...

Did you thaw the pizza crust first, or just do the first baking by tossing frozen crust on a cookie sheet? I picked up a 12" crust at a local store today for dinner tonight, and now am frantically searching for instructions!

Debbie said...

The store sells them both in the fridge and in the freezer. Mine came out of the fridge so I just threw it in the oven, but I would let the crust thaw a bit before putting it in the oven. I hope it turned out well for you.

Anonymous said...

I can't find it anywhere, where did you get this pizza crust?

Debbie said...

Gluten Free Specialty in Sacramento Sells it. :-) I think they're the only retailer at the moment.