Friday, December 11, 2009

Say No to Spelt

Walking through Whole Foods the other day I was reminded of one of the reasons I do not really like shopping there. Strolling down the chip aisle I saw gluten free pretzels and right next to them, and still slightly under the gluten free sign, spelt pretzels. Could this be one of the reasons why people so commonly mistake spelt for being gluten free? Its placement on the shelf?

I've heard countless times people saying they love some sort of spelt bread, and yet, they say they're gluten free. I've always been one to read my food labels, and question certain ingredients if I don't know what they are. I would hope that others with food allergies would do the same, but for some I guess if they don't boldy see the word "wheat" jump out of the ingredient list they think they're ok?
So to clarify, spelt is NOT a gluten free grain. Simply, it's a very ancient type of wheat, and thus not suitable for anyone who has a moderate to serve gluten intolerance, or for those with Celiac Disease. (Some with mild sensitivities to gluten can be ok with spelt, but this is debatable and situational).

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oli said...

Well, once they get a taste of it and their stomachs start to ache for the following week....they might figure it out finally. Then the toilet becomes their new best friend.
PEOPLE! Read Read Read your ingredients. You will feel so much better. There are so many other delicious options than putting poison in your body. Keep a list (like Santa Clause) of the ingredients you CAN have only. Forget the rest.