Friday, December 11, 2009

Ginger Elizabeth's Chocolates

I like to support small, local businesses, and when I discovered there was a gourmet chocolate shop downtown, a chocolate shop who's chocolates are gluten free, I had to investigate. The email response I got was promising:

"Most all of our products are gluten free. The most popular item is our Parisian Macrons which are flour-less. Yes, our chocolates are gluten free as well. Flour actually makes the truffle centers spoil, so no flour goes near them. We do use flour in the shop though. We do make a chocolate chip cookie with flour. We make them on separate equipment and separate days. Let me know any information that you need and I would love to help. Thanks so much for thinking of us!!! "

I'm a huge chocolate lover, so how did these sweets fare? All I'll say is...they were delicious! Watch episode 29 of GFree TV:

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates
1801 L Street, Suite 60
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone 916-706-1738


Kendra said...

Cool I wasn't aware of this place until your post.

Ms. Munchie said...

I was on Urbanspoon tonite and noticed your new blog. I know it's short notice, but we are having a Sacramento food bloggers potluck this Sunday at 4. It's an appetizer potluck downtown. If you think you can make it and would like to meet the other are bloggers, then let me know and I'll send you the evite.