Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gluten Free Hair Care: HEAD Organics

If you're new to the gluten free diet have you thought about all those other things besides for the food that might have gluten in it? I know it took me awhile to convert all my beauty products to ones that I knew were safe for me. And if you are gluten free, are you sure your beauty products are?

I tried out the trukid line and liked it, but I like to explore my options, so I'm currently trying out the HEAD brand. They make a shampoo & conditioner combo, as well as individual shampoo and conditioner, and of course, all those other needed hair products: style wax, hair spray, leave in conditioner, etc. I really like the smell of all of their products, and in fact my husband can't stop sniffing my head sometimes when I use the leave in conditioner. All of their products seem to make my hair feel soft and silky, and a little seems to go a long way. So if you're unsure if your current hair care regime is gluten free, or if you can't seem to figure out what in your "diet" continues to cause a reaction, or you just want to try a new hair product, consider treating your HEAD.

Final note: the also make trial size bottles, and Gluten Free Specialty just got them in. Great for holiday stocking stuffer or any travel :-)

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oli said...

I have been using Head 3 times now, and I have to say that it suds up nicely, and leaves my very thin dry hair in better shape each time I have used it. I use the spray on conditioner that helps take out the tangles and leaves it feeling softer. I am not a hair spray person but I have used the hair spray and thought (I am an X hair dresser) that it performed very well. NOT much scent (which I love) and it held my hair without being sticky or gummy. I never over spray I only use what I need.
I went to bed and woke up with the same hair do. How does THAT happen? It looked so good I forgot to comb it!
I like this line because of A) the sent factor is light, but I sill prefer non existent. B) It cleans without stripping and leaves my hair light and fluffy. C)I went as many as 4 days without washing...a miracle. D)The hair spray did a great job holding my fine hair, with a light sent (I sneeze at least 5 times when I spray it on my hair...something is amiss on the hair spray) and it looks great all day. I don't know if they have a deep conditioner but I would be interest in trying it out.

Have fun and lets hear some other peoples testimonials!