Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TruKid Brand

For years I had been using Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. I'm super sensitive about my hair and once I found that Herbal Essence worked and seemed gentle on my head I stuck with it, however lately I've been questioning all of my beauty products and decided to switch over to a new brand: TruKid.

A little bit of back history: years ago I took a very strong drug for my arthritis and one of the side effects was hair loss. I was prepared for a little loss, but my body is super absorbent, so I actually ended up losing 50% of my hair in less than 1 month. My doctor didn't really seem to care, and that was the last of prescription medication for me. Now I'm all for alternative methods: vitamins, nature remedies, etc. Since that experience my hair follicles seem weaker and have never completely recovered. I notice with a little alcohol or stress there are extra hairs on my pillow the next morning. And thus I am very particular about sticking with a routine in diet, activity, and product usage. However, once again something has changed, maybe I'm just getting old, but there have been several extra strands on my pillow and it brings back some bad memories. Thus I was concerned that gluten might be getting into my diet somehow, so I purchased some new body wash, deodorant, and hair products.

I'm a kid at heart and the TruKid product colors are blue and green are my favorite so it immediately caught my attention, plus I am always looking to try new products so I can spread the word: good, bad, or other. So I bought the "Silly Shampoo" and "Cool Conditioner" and have been using it for a few days. They smell very fruity and you don't need much to foam up on your head. What's nice is that it doesn't leave any sort of weird residue on your hair like I have found some products to do, and it doesn't leave your hair feeling extra dry, like I recall Head and Shoulders doing when I used it years ago. So while these products are being marketing to the younger crowd they're great for adults too.


Anonymous said...

just curious where did you find the shampoo and conditioner at? my daughter is gluten free too and she has been using california baby products, i would love to try something different for her though, thanks for having this blog, you have enlightened me to new products for her. : )

Debbie said...

I purchased the TruKid products from Gluten Free Specialty at 2612 J St in Sacramento. If you're too far away you should be able to order it off their website, or call TruKid to see where it is sold near you.

Anonymous said...

thanks! for the info. i am only about 20 mins away from sac. so i might be taking a trip down there soon. Thanks again, Alisha

Jennifer Adams Bunkers said...

WOW! I am so happy for all of your fantastic comments about TruKid. As a mom of 6, I really wanted to a make something healthy, gentle and safe for all kids. (and moms too!) If you cannot find TruKid locally, we are happy to help you purchase via our website (Enter in FreeFace and you will also get a free 8 oz face wash). or just call me and will be happy to send you some samples to try. 510-463-2676. I am from the Sacramento area so thank you all up there for your support. Jennifer, CEO/Founder TruKid

oli said...

Boy, do I know what you mean about dry scalp. But for me not only the dry scalp but the scent does not work for me. It is very hard to find something unscented. Although fruit is fun and smells good, I would have a headache in 3 minutes flat.

I wonder if they carry unscented anything. When I finish with what I am using now, I will have to try a sample of TruKid. Maybe they can call it ShamPoo.Hehehehe