Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kind Snack Bars

For a long time I would pick up an apricot macadamia nut Kind Bar when I wanted to switch things up from my normal snack bars, which are usually the Glutino Wildberry Bars, and Boomi Bars. However recently I have been trying out several different flavors of Kind Bars. Currently the Cranberry Almond and Strawberry Crisp are my favorite. They typically retail for around $1.79 a bar, or you can buy them online.

I've been buying Boomi Bars in bulk for years because you get a better deal, but with Kind Bars, the bulk buy is massive, you have to buy a box of 48 bars for $86. That's sure is a lot of cash upfront, which still comes to $1.79 a bar, plus shipping, so why buy in bulk if you're not getting a bulk discount? With Boomi Bar I can buy a bar for around $2 each, but if I buy a box of 24 I can get it for around $35, with shipping, which is $1.45 a bar, and thus a deal. So... I ask why buy in bulk from Kind if you're not getting a bulk deal? Their bars are great, but their pricing needs some work.

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