Friday, November 20, 2009

Chipotle & Sacramento Food Bank Team Up

I personally consider Chipotle my go to place for good gluten free food, when I'm sort-of in a hurry, or am just lazy. A burrito bowl provides me two meals, and I have never had a problem. You just need to specify to the staff that you're gluten free or celiac and they all should change their gloves, and if need be open some new bins to built your bowl. So with that said, whether you're gluten free or not, you can help raise some money just by eating at Chipotle!

On Monday November 23, Chipotle is hosting a fundraising event for the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services in connection with the women's wisdom art program. With an opportunity to raise up to $10,000, let's help spreading the word. Eat lunch, dinner or both at any Sacramento-area Chipotle on the 23rd of November, and 50% of the proceeds from the sale will go to the SFBFS, but only when you show them a copy of the flyer below. So print out a copy and head to Chipotle this coming Monday! Or pick up a flyer today at the Turkey Drive 3,000 or at any of the 3 REI locations in Sacramento Friday through Monday.

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