Saturday, October 31, 2009

Journey: 2nd Annual Gluten Free Cooking Spree, San Francisco

Last year I had found out about the gluten free cooking spree just a couple of hours away from me, 2 weeks after the event had occurred. I was bummed. This year however, I planned on attending, and it just happened that I was also asked to be part of the "iron chef" competition that they were going to be having. I was super excited. And then we heard the bay bridge was closed. With the event on Treasure Island the mind automatically goes into panic mode, but they had to keep the one exit open for residents on the island, but only from the San Francisco side of the bridge.

Thus, we traveled from Sacramento down to the 580, across the San Rafael Bridge, over the Golden Gate Bridge, through San Francisco, and then a short snippet on the Bay Bridge, to the Island...all during Friday rush hour. Even without the bridge being closed, I have to wonder why a Friday evening; why not a Saturday, that would potentially encourage more people to come, and especially more so that have to drive a slight distance, but then I digress.

We aimed to arrive at 6pm, but did not get to our destination, a destination we didn't think we were ever going to get to, until 7:20pm. Now normally it takes about 2 hours from my house to to San Francisco. We left at about 2:30pm, but despite the horrendously long time it took to get there, we still managed to have a few laughs.

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